Compatible HP 564XL Yellow Ink Cartridge

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Compatible HP 564XL Yellow Ink Cartridge, 750 pages.

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This compatible HP 546XL ink cartridge is a high quality product that works like a genuine HP 564XL ink cartridge, but without the hefty price tag. All components of this compatible HP 564XL ink cartridge have been thoroughly inspected to ensure proper function. Since it uses the same housing as the original HP 564XL ink cartridge, you will have no trouble installing this ink cartridge in HP printers such as the Deskjet 3070a, Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One and Deskjet 3521. Just make sure your printer model is included in our list of compatible HP printers below.

Compatible printers: HP Deskjet 3520,HP Officejet 4620,HP Photosmart 5510,HP Photosmart 5511,HP Photosmart 5512,HP Photosmart 5514,HP Photosmart 5515,HP Photosmart 5520,HP Photosmart 5522,HP Photosmart 6510,HP Photosmart 6512,HP Photosmart 6515,HP Photosmart 6520,HP Photosmart 7510,HP Photosmart 7515,HP Photosmart 7520,HP Photosmart 7525,HP Photosmart B209,HP Photosmart B210,HP Photosmart B8550,HP Photosmart C309,HP Photosmart C5300,HP Photosmart C5324,HP Photosmart C5370,HP Photosmart C5380,HP Photosmart C5383,HP Photosmart C5388,HP Photosmart C5390,HP Photosmart C6300,HP Photosmart C6324,HP Photosmart C6340,HP Photosmart C6350,HP Photosmart C6375,HP Photosmart C6380,HP Photosmart C6383,HP Photosmart C6388,HP Photosmart D5400,HP Photosmart D5445,HP Photosmart D5460,HP Photosmart D5463,HP Photosmart D5468,HP Photosmart D7560,HP Photosmart eStation,HP Photosmart Plus,HP Photosmart Plus B209,HP Photosmart Premium,HP Photosmart Premium C309,HP Photosmart Premium C410,HP Photosmart Pro B8550,HP Photosmart Pro B8553,HP Photosmart Pro B8558

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